Good Price with Undercarriage Pontoon Kebelco Sk200 Amphibious Excavator

Good Price with Undercarriage Pontoon Kebelco Sk200 Amphibious Excavator

We UNION mostly produce 6Ton to 50Ton amphibious excavator. According to your requests, we could assemble distinct brand names and design excavator upper parts, like PC200, HITACHI ZX210, DH215, EX120,CAT315…. Also, if you have crawler excavator (New or Utilized) , we can only produce amphibious undercarriage (Pontoon Undercarriage) for you. CZPTly would like could have probabilities to do businss with you and welcome you to check out our manufacturing unit!



one.Deepening of canal, river channel and river mouth

two.Swamp land clearing at mining location, plantation and forest

3.Building bund for flood prevention and land reclamation

4.Constructing bund wall for fish and shimp ponds and salt making sector

five.Sludge clearing of lakes, ponds and h2o reservoir

six.Digging trenches for oil and gas piping set up

7.Transporting and clearing landslide and flood hit area

8.Swamps and wetlands development

9.Road construction through wetlands.


Motor Engine model DOOSAN DE08TIS
Gasoline Diesel
Number of Cylinders 6
Number of strokes four
Piston Displacement eight.07 Ltr
Energy 110Kw (150PS) / 1950rpm
Turbo charged Indeed
Drinking water-cooled Yes
Fuel tank 350L
CZPT System    Flow rate of pump  2 X 211 L / min
Circuit of working devices 33000KP
Circuit of walking 33000KP
Circuit of turning 28000KP
Swing speed twelve.4 rpm
Control valve  TONG MYUNG
Swing motor model TONG MYUNG
Travel motor model DOOSAN
Operate Data Operating Weight  33000KG
Maximum Tractive effort 205KN
Arm / Boom KEBELCO sk200 original arm
Bucket capacity .9M3


Dimensions ( UCM200FT ) mm
A Track length 9000
B Ground contact length of tracks 5200
C Tail swing radius 2750
D Overall length 11200
E Overall height (to the top of arm) 3880
F Ground clearance of counter weight 2571
H Overall width 4940
I Track gauge 3440
J Track width 1500
K Ground clearance 1140
L Track height 1840
M Overall height (to the top of cab) 3870
N Width of the top part 2710 


Q: How to install ?

A: one., a floating box landing, the two through the tube into the floating box hole, inserted in the aspect of the tube, a piece of wooden pad, so that the lateral tilt
two. drop one more pontoon and stage it by means of two tubes
three. right after the tube is inserted, the tube is fastened by the bolt
4.. Enlarge the plate to the tank and use the U card to fix it
five., the higher portion of the excavator hoist, set on the marketplace, with extensive eyes on the Qi, tighten the screws
six. hook up the hydraulic oil pipe, join the oil pipe of the motor on the float box to the excavator

Q:How to work?

A : 1., prohibit the operation of much more than one.6 meters h2o depth, silt is not limited to depth
2., prohibited in the uneven, the remaining and right sides of the floating box, the focus of excellent disparity in the situation, walking operations
three. amphibious excavators use slow equipment whilst walking, and do not use fast gear
4., start the strolling state, the first stage on the foot of the throttle, and then stroll
five. do not press tough objects even though strolling
6. steer clear of long walking on the hard surface area
seven. when turning, the entrance of the floating entire body can be lifted by the energy of the bucket, and when the angle is shifted, the managing of the chain plate can be averted, and the derailment of the chain plate can be averted

Q: How to keep?

A:1. make sure the chain tension, loose situation ought to be adjusted to three-five, a chain wheel suspension track shall prevail
2. make certain that the seat four screws, and guarantee ten times (or function 80 several hours) to beat the butter
3. best silk, beat butter as soon as a week
Verify the screws in between the 4. chains and the chain, verify the screws usually and keep the screws restricted

Good Price with Undercarriage Pontoon Kebelco Sk200 Amphibious Excavator