Escalator Part Step Chain

Escalator Part Step Chain

Escalator Component Action Chain

The functions of stage chain are:
1.Higher wear resistance. The pin diameter is more substantial than regular chains.
two.Length from phase to phase and from chain to chain is strictly controlled.

CZPT Traits
The chains demonstrated above are currently being tailored for the subsequent:
1.Lubrication-free variety. (Nevertheless, lubrication is mandated at typical intervals.)
two.Minimal-sounds sort (for peaceful environments).

one.VVVF push

two.Stable security technique

three.Ideal running performance

4.Superior control method(German technological innovation)

five.Comfortable and effective

six.Reduced noise and energy-saving

Protection Characteristics

one.Deficiency of phase, mistake section safety:
If lack of stage (shifting-walk) will or eror stage has been checked out, the escalator immediately cease the procedure.
2.Motor in excess of-Ioad protection:
When the present exceeds fifteen% of the existing rating, the escalator will instantly slop the operation.
three.CZPTal appliance loop defense:
It delivers the computerized circuit disconnecting device to protect the circuit and mains factors of the escalator (relocating-stroll).
four.Handrail inlet safety:
When some foreign compound has been clipped in the handrail inlet. the  escalator (moving-wander) will automatically slop the procedure.
five.Comb plate security unit:
When some international material has been clipped in or amongst the combs.the escalator (shifting-walk) will instantly cease the procedure.
six.Stage sagging protection gadget:
When there is irregular phase bending, the escalator (relocating-stroll) will cease the operation prior to the phase entering into the comb plate
7.Broken travel-chain protection unit:
When the push-chain has been in excess of-stretched or it is damaged, the escalator (relocating-walk) will routinely end the procedure
eight.Broken phase chain security:
When the stage (plate) chain has been over-stretched or it is damaged, the escalator (transferring wander) will instantly slop the procedure.
9.Over-pace defense:
When  there  is more than-velocity to the escalator (transferring  walk),it will immediately cease the operation.
10.Course reversal defense:
When it will come the unintended reve  rsal of the direction of travel, the escalator (moving stroll) will instantly stop the procedure.
11.Security line:
The yellow synthetic resin protection line is situated in the front position and two sides of the escalator tread so that the passengers will not tread in-in between the edge of the adjacent stage and the group lengthened skirt panel.  The protection line on the two sides of the phase is higher than the tread surface.   (The  moving-walk  offers the  selective  yellow spray-palmed stability line.)
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Escalator Part Step Chain