Steel best Pintle Chain with Attachments with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Steel pintle chain
Steel pintle chain attachments
C-1attachments/AS attachments/A-22 attachments/AN attachments/G attachments/K-1 and k-19 attachments/K-2C attachments/K-2M attachments/K-2P attachments/K-1C attachments/K-1M attachments/K-1P attachments/
Steel pintle chain is recommended as conveyor chain for a wide range of applications such as spreaders, feeder systems, hay handling equipment and spray box, and in limited use, as CZPT  transmission chain. These chains can be applied in the smudgy environment.The main specification includes 662,667H,667X,667HX,667K,667J,88K,88C. And a wide selection of attachments for steel pintle chains are also CZPT to meet specific working purposes.

Chain No. 662/667H/667X/667XH/667K/667J/88K/88C


Steel pintle chain attachments
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