Small Project Carbonated Water Juice Filling Sealing Packing Machine

Small Project Carbonated Water Juice Filling Sealing Packing Machine

Items Introduction:
This Comprehensive Mineral Water Filling Plant adopts bottle neck holding transmission technologies to understand totally automatic rinsing,filling and capping.Most components of the electrical method utilize popular brand advanced merchandise.Each equipment component that contacts with the liquid is produced of large quality stainless metal.They acquire the benefits of great abrasive resistance,high balance,minimal failure fee,and many others The high quality of the gear reaches the international superior level

one.Employing the wind sent access and transfer wheel in the bottle right linked technologyCanceled screw and conveyor chains,this permit the alter the bottle-shaped grow to be less complicated.
2.Bottles transmission adopt clip bottleneck engineering,bottle-shaped remodel not require to modify the gear level,only modify relater the curved plate,wheel and nylon components is sufficient.
three.The specially designed stainless steel bottle washing device clip is strong and tough,no touch with the screw place of bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution.
4.Higher-speed massive gravity stream valve filling valve,filling quickly,filling accurate and no liquid drop.
five.Spiraling drop when output bottle,rework bottle condition form no want to change the peak of conveyor chains.
6.Host undertake advanced PLC automatic handle technologies,the crucial electrical factors from famous company these kinds of as Japan,France Schneider

Movement Chart
A.Bottle manufacturing line PET Resin-Injection moulding device-Bottle blowing machine-PET bottle
B.Drinking water therapy program Raw h2o-Pump-Silica sand filter-Carbon filter-Drinking water softer-Reverse Osmosis-UV sterilizer-Ozone generator-Concluded water tank
C.Filling&Packing component Bottle unscrambler-Air conveyor-Washing,filling,capping 3 in 1 machine-Gentle checker-Blow dryer-Dater printer-Labeling equipment-Packing device-Stock

CZPT cramps are utilised in the bottle washing method.The empty bottles can be turned above a hundred and eighty along the conveying rail.There are two times of internal and external washing, the effectiveness of bottle washing is high.
Rinsing device adopts Sky original and double-opened bottle clip.Bottle clip lock the bottleneck, the content of bottle clip is SUS304,which is hygienic and durable.
Bottle clip geared up with productive spray on nozzle.The extrusive droplet with 15 angleensures to wash all side of the bottle, and can help save the water.
Made of stainless steel of superior quality.
Ingesting h2o machine outfitted with bottle jam protection gadget.

PET bottled liquid bottle filler design and style of filling composition is reasonable and cleanliness dead angle, the run of products is secure, it can handle the content from the bottleneck, the manage accuracy is inside ±2mm (subject to bottle layout).The filling valve substance is SUS304.The filling program has liquid level automated control.Filling valve elevator, soon after filling valve make contact with the bottle neck, it starts off to fill.Bottle is conveying by the wheel in the filling element.

Screw capping ,device is most precision part in the three-1 machine ,it has a big impact to the items stability and reliability of the screw capping has adhering to feature.
one) Sky import of advanced technologies of screw capping, increase the stability and dependability of the screw capping machine.The magnetic torque is used foe screw capping.The electricity of screw capping can be altered CZPT methods.The electrical power of the screw capping can also be fixed, and the caps will not be destroyed, the capping is trustworthy.
2) In the screw capping portion, it mounted photoelectrical control, when it has no cap, or the cap is bad, the equipment will quit routinely.

Model Parameter:

Design Washing heads Filling heads Capping heads Potential(b/h)500ml Motor electrical power(kw) All round dimension(mm)
CGF14-12-five 14 12 five 2000-4000 1.five 2100*1400*2500
CGF16-sixteen-5 18 18 6 5000-7000 2.2 2460*1720*2650
CGF24-24-eight 24 24 eight 8000-12000 3 3100*2100*2650
CGF32-32-10 32 32 10 12000-15000 4 3500*2500*2650
CGF40-forty-12 forty 40 12 16000-20000 7.five 4600*1800*2650
CGF50-fifty-15 50 fifty fifteen 24000-26000 11 5800*4500*3400
CGF60-60-fifteen sixty 60 fifteen 26000-30000 twelve 6500*4500*3400
CGF72-72-eighteen seventy two seventy two 18 30000-36000 fourteen 6800*4500*3700

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Small Project Carbonated Water Juice Filling Sealing Packing Machine