Grain Bucket Elevator Conveyor

Grain Bucket Elevator Conveyor

1. Item Profile of Grain Bucket CZPT
Grain Bucket elevator, is a kind of vertical lifting conveyor for grain. It is extensively utilised in angriculture, metallurgy, chemical business, constructing materials, mine, grain and vegetable oil, meals, fodder, plastic and medicine and so on.

2. Foundation CZPT of Bucket CZPT
It is manufactured of operating components(hopper and tow rubber belt), higher section with driving pulley, down part with take-up pulley, middle scenario, driving unit and back cease, braking gadget, open besel on casing in purchase to make certain the secure running. This lifting device is employed in powder, graininess and patch delivering upward unpolishing and subpolishing scattered resources whose density is much less than one.5t/m3 , such as coal, grail, dust coke.

Driving gadget is equiped with YZ reducer and ZQ reducer. YZ axis reducer is directly set up on axle head of principal axis and omit driving platform and coupler to make development compact and fat light, reliable again cease with irregular idler. The minimal noise, secure operating and floating together with principal axis can get rid of erection pressure.

three. The Attributes of Bucket CZPT
one) Lower driving power, influx feeding, induction unloading, higher-quantity hopper intense arrangement. There is virtually no feed back and excavating circumstance when materials are lifted, so invalid power is tiny.

two) Broad lifting range, little components sort and house prerequisite can not only lift general powder and granule resources, but also raise high sharpening components. Sound seal and small circumstance air pollution.

three) Good managing trustworthiness, the advanced design basic principle and handling strategy assure dependability of whole machine working, the non-fault time exceed twenty thousand hours. Stable managing make it achieve higher lifting top.

4) The existence is prolonged, inflow feeding, non excavating with hopper and there is number of extrusion and collision circumstance amongst supplies. There is tiny supplies sprinking throughout feeding and discharging to lessen equipment abrasion.

Grain Bucket Elevator Conveyor