Automotive Engineering Plastics with Good Toughness Nylon 612

Automotive Engineering Plastics with Good Toughness Nylon 612

PA612 is a specific engineering plastic with higher thermal balance, dimensional stability and mechanical homes
It can be utilised to manufacture all types of car elements which require high affect strength

Can be employed for higher toughness and great tensile potential of wire and cable coating, sealing strip and all varieties of pipeline items
Also can be utilized for higher dress in resistance and tensile specifications of everyday silk and abrasive silk and other products

NO. Product Test Techniques TEST  Situation Unit Standard worth
Actual physical Propertids
one Density GB/T1033 23ºC 1.06
two Molding shrinkage GB/T 15585 %
3 Shore hardness GB/T2411 D 80
4 Melting position GB/T 4608 ºC 220
Mechanical Propertie
5 Tensile strength GB/T 1040 50mm/min fifty nine
six Flexural toughness GB 9341 2mm/min Mpa ≥75
seven Flexural Module GB /T9341 2mm/min Mpa 2200

My business is high-tech organization in ZheJiang , China, which mostly makes prolonged carbon chain nylon.
The major items incorporate nylon 610, nylon 612, nylon 1571, nylon 1012, nylon 1212,
clear nylon and high temperature nylon, exported to Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan,
Turkey and other nations, and with numerous overseas consumers to set up shut cooperation.

Our ompany has the domestic superior item inspection tools, and handed the CZPT intercontinental top quality administration technique certification, ISO14001 worldwide environmental management program certification, items also handed the Get to, SGS,ROHS, Fda, MSDS and other relevant certification and screening.

My firm’s merchandise have very good complete efficiency, a broad variety of Utilizes, can substitute metallic in the mechanical, chemical, instrumentation, automotive and other industries.And the solution in the soften spinning, with increased power, so it can be produced into knitwear or blended into use-resistant clothes resources.


My firm’s merchandise have excellent thorough efficiency, a extensive variety of Utilizes, can change steel in the mechanical, chemical, instrumentation, automotive and other industries.And the merchandise in the soften spinning, with higher strength, so it can be created into knitwear or blended into wear-resistant apparel supplies.

one.What are the qualities of nylon shrinkage?


Equivalent to other crystalline plastics, nylon resin shrinkage rate bigger troubles, the greatest nylon with crystallization of contraction, when items crystallinity big merchandise shrinkage increases, in the method of forming lower mildew temperature rising injection strain to reduced temperature will decrease shrinkage, but the inside pressure of products is far more simple to deformation. For case in point of glass fiber strengthened PA6 and PA66 shrinkage price at 1.5 to two%, soon after becoming a member of the glass fiber can make the shrinkage charge lowered to .3% ~ .8%.


2.What is the temperature of the cylinder when nylon is injected?

Because nylon is a crystalline polymer, so the melting stage is evident, nylon resin in the injection molding of the variety of the barrel temperature with the resin itself overall performance, gear, product form aspects.


Also high substance temperature is easy to make the rubber areas look coloration alter, brittle and silver wire, and too minimal content temperature tends to make the materials really difficult may possibly harm the mold and screw.CZPTly, the melt temperature of nylon 6 is as minimal as 220ºC, whilst that of nylon 66 is 260ºC.Because of to the very poor thermal stability of nylon, so must not be higher temperature for a prolonged time to remain in the cylinder, so as to keep away from triggering the substance discoloration and yellow, at the very same time since of the fluidity of nylon is excellent, the temperature exceeds its melting position will flow quickly.



Automotive Engineering Plastics with Good Toughness Nylon 612