Automatic Sauce Packing Machine

Automatic Sauce Packing Machine

Different dimensions and requirements in the sachet pack structure
Specialized tear and pack end formats
Sauce-ketchup, cream, mayonnaise

  • This machine is really essential specialty.

Our machine makes use of a unique pump which has a non drip and tail suck back perform, this guarantees that the sealing margin is very very clear CZPT any paste drip on seal to make bag airtight. This powerful suction again CZPT drop perform is developed by our manufacturing facility.

  • Fireresistant and force evidence bearings are set up on terminal sealing rollers inside and regularly sustain machine integrated operation. On industry there are some machines are with bearing bush only can be utilised two-three months.


  • The unique technology and craftwork is utilised on the vertical and horizontal sealing heating method, which helps make the sealed baggage are fantastically sleek, no any wrinkles and seems to be excellent.


  • The motor is servo motor as an alternative of frequency motor. The inner gear with metal chain program tends to make the whole machine running constant and fast, preserve the noise quietly and extend the service daily life far more than 10 many years. This servo motor does not require any lubrication oil, run regular and other edge of this motor is energy help save.


  • Hopper is with mix function to make the sauce with good flowability to shrink measurement tolerance.


  • Conventional cutter is embedded on sealing rollers, the sealing and silting are at identical time, blade will be blunt right after three months. The cutter new design is individual from sealing roller. In our new design and style that cutter can be utilised at least to 3 a long time.


  • Photocell fixes bag size by movie label.


  • Machine procedure is controlled by touch display. Automatic adjustment of bag duration and filling selection is by touch monitor. All purpose is exhibited on check to be effortless to run.

Principal CZPT Parameters

Brand name HONDON DXDJ-40II
Bag size (L)fifty five-110mm/(W)30-80(mm)
Packing Speed thirty-60bags/min
Greatest filling 40ml
Energy voltage As your neighborhood energy design
Bodyweight 340 (kg)
Dimension L*W*H 600X790*1780 (mmthree)


Automatic Sauce Packing Machine