Acid and Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt for Fertilizer

Acid and Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt for Fertilizer

Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt for fertilizer

Particulars of Acid resistant conveyor belt : 

Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt is ideal for the acid and alkali make contact with problem, eg phosphoric fertilizer, abstracts salt from sea h2o The masking layer rubber is the mixture of rubber and plastic and stuffed with acid resistant and alkali resistant inert supplies, which is significantly better than LDR acid and alkali resistant conveyer belt. The framework content is EP canvas, is more reliable and much more alkali resistant and the cotton canvas core belt. CZPTly it is created into dng formed.

The performance of Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt is as the adhering to table:


Break the intensity 



Break extension rate 



Wearing and tearing







before wearing out

14 four hundred 250 sixty


after wearing out

twelve 340 sixty five

The acid and alkali resistant of the Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt coveing layer is as the subsequent desk:


Classification Immersion solution Density Soaking condition  Soak the rate of change of front and back performance
TemperatureXtime Volume dxpansion rate Change rate of strength
A1 HCL eighteen% 50°C×96h +ten% Following -10% within
A2 H2SO4 fifty% 50°C×96h +10% Following -10% within
A3 NaOH forty eight% 50°C×96h +10% Following -10% within


Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt APPLICATIONS  :

Acid,Alkali Resistance Conveyer Belt is utilised for acidic or alkali components conveying in chemical plant, pulp, cement, chemical fertilizer industry.


Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt CHARACTERISTIES:

one.Stop from acid or alkali        corrosion to conveyer belt

two.Great bonding house, no levels separation

3.Cotton, polyester-cotton, nylon and so on. materials are used for the belt core.


Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt Key range and oil resistance indicatrix:

Type of Acid or Alkali Concentration Type of Acid or Alkali Concentration
Hydrochloric Acid twenty% Carbonic Acid Any Concentration
Nitric Acid 10% Sulfurous Acid Any Focus
Sulfuric Acid twenty% Acetic Acid Any Concentration
Boric Acid forty% Severe Acid Any Concentration
Phosphoric Acid forty% Caustic Potash Any Concentration
Arsenic Acid Any Concentration    

Photos of Acid resistant conveyor belt : 

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Acid and Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt for Fertilizer