3D Auto Parts UV Curing Machine for UV Paint Ink Varnish Resin

3D Auto Parts UV Curing Machine for UV Paint Ink Varnish Resin

Automobile elements uv mild curing device


It is a sort of mechanical gear that can make the floor treatment of sturdy ultraviolet gentle CZPT. It is also identified as UV curing machine (UV curing equipment, UV light-weight curing box and UV machine). In standard, UV mild curing products is largely used for printing, portray sector, UV mild curing is much more environmentally friendly uv paint (UV ink, UV varnish, UV resin, and so forth.) dry way, in line with national wellness and environmental security group subject requirements.

UV mild curing gear

one,CZPT Parameters

Variety TM-UV400 TM-UV750 TM-UV900 TM-UV1000 TM-UV1200
Express belt width(mm) 380 730 880 980 1180
Effective assortment (mm) 400 750 900 one thousand 1200
Max thickness of remedied (mm) forty 40 40 40 40
Conveying speed (m) two~twenty two~20 2~twenty two~20 two~20
Electricity(P/V/Hz) three/380/50 three/380/fifty three/380/fifty 3/380/50 three/380/fifty
UV lamp(KW/1pcs) three five.6 five.six eight 5.six
Driving electrical power(W) sixty 90 ninety 120 a hundred and twenty
Complete electrical power(KW) 3.four twelve.1 twelve 16.5 17
Dimensions(L*W*H) 1700*seven hundred*1200 2550*1050*1450 2550*1200*1600 2550*1200*1600 4050*1460*1600
Fat(Kg) 250 350 420 450 580

UV principle 
UV curing theory: the special configuration to reconcile, and include a certain sum of photosensitizer / initiator UV coatings (varnish, paint, resin, and many others.), via the absorption of UV light-weight curing gear in the large temperature ultraviolet light, the minute to generate free Foundation or ionic teams, and then make a polymerization reaction, so that UV coatings (varnish, paint, resin, and so on.) in 1s-2s from the liquid into a reliable condition. 
UV curing products principle 
UV curing gear by the relevant technologies matching, can make the UV lamp in an instant by the substantial voltage excitation light-weight, and then issued the primary peak of 360nm (nm) close to the UV mild. Publicity UV coating on the coating layer, essentially 1 ~ 2s or so instantaneously guide to paint curing.

UV light-weight curing equipment components edited 
Initial, the frame construction: primarily for the angle and sq. tube welding, the body for the chilly-rolled steel stamping, right after bending with. 
2nd, the energy portion: the domestic UV curing equipment, the lamp is usually imported, the average lifestyle of much less than 1000h, much more than the effect after the light will be weakened. 
3rd, the transmission portion [two]: normally by the push roller, belt, gear motor, equipment and chain and other parts. One of the most critical of the travel program is the transmission roller, belt and gear motor is most crucial. 
Fourth, the manage portion: generally geared up with electronic temperature controller, leakage security swap, power indicator, start / end button, manage line insurance policy, UV lamp devoted present meter. 
Fifth, the ventilation technique: the standard use of compelled air-cooled, there are two types of ventilation and ventilation, which is used for paper printing curing.

UV light-weight curing gear software scope editing 
A single, blinds, plywood and so on. 
Next, aspect panels and so on. 
Third, the car interior elements (peach), Pc panels, electric bicycles, vehicle headlights, metal, silicone rubber and all. 
Fourth, the electronics market: micro-motor, circuit boards, Lcd change, chassis shell. 
Fifth, the printing business: silk monitor, offset printing, flexo, inkjet, electronic printing and all printing assortment, three-dimensional products robust, lovely and stunning appearance. 
Six, unique industries: chemical, optical reaction, UV glue, UV bonding and other industries.

UV light-weight curing gear everyday routine maintenance editor 
First, swap UV light 
one, boot sequence: 
Open the main electrical power → open up the governor (use the inverter to alter the necessary pace) → flip on the UV lamp switch (choose the proper gear) → heat enthusiast three minutes soon after the automated commence → ten minutes soon after the regular function. 
two, UV shutdown sequence: 
Turn off the UV lamp → five-eight minutes soon after the cooling supporter routinely shut down → turn off the governor → turn off the energy switch 
(1) flip on the lights must flip on the lights, every gentle interval of about 1 moment, do not open up at the exact same time. 
(2) right after the lights ought to continue to run the supporter for some time, until finally the lamp cooling so far. 
(three) change off the lights if you want to start off the second time, be confident to wait around until the lamp entirely cooled and then begin, in any other case the lamp area temperature is really higher in the scenario of starting up up. 
(four) Following turning on the lights can not be set into creation instantly, there must be a section of the lamp warm-up time, the summer season temperature is higher, warm-up time is short winter temperature is low, warm-up time for a longer time, heat-up time to two-3 minutes The If the UV equipment has a powerful light-weight device, should be in the robust mild file begin lights, this can shorten the lamp warm-up time, if the generation demands minimal light, can be adjusted following the heat-up to the weak gentle file. 
Second, lamp servicing

(one) betterUV lamp highest provider daily life is generally 1500-2600 hours, to reach daily life following the substitution. 
(two) UV lamp throughout use, at the suitable time (1 to 2 months) with anhydrous ethanol, gauze cleansing the floor of the lamp and reflector area reflector, and then switch the UV lamp one hundred eighty levels. Shade reflector plate to change the mirror impact will be replaced. 
Third, the pace adjustment 
(1) the greatest speed selection method: the product 1st at a certain speed by means of the UV curing system, if remedied, and then pace up the curing gadget until finally the item can not be entirely remedied so much, then the velocity multiplied by .8 is the most Excellent speed. 
(two) Also spend attention to the use of UV light time, with the UV lamp to use the time, the strength will decay, the pace ought to be slowed down. 
Fourth, transformers, capacitors 
(1) the transformer into the line in accordance to the web site voltage to decide on the proper terminal. 
(2) soon after the use of capacitors, if the routine maintenance must be discharged, so as not to harm the capacitor discharge. 
five, ultraviolet mild will damage the eyes and pores and skin, you should do not seem right with the eyes when the lamp floor, and do not let the UV radiation naked exposed skin

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3D Auto Parts UV Curing Machine for UV Paint Ink Varnish Resin