100t D High Quality Rice Bran Oil Production Line Oil Press Machine

100t D High Quality Rice Bran Oil Production Line Oil Press Machine

Constant rice bran oil generation line

ZheJiang Huatai firm is the foremost manufacture in China.  We can give Rice bran Oil Creation Line  .  We have obtained 7 patents and 13 honors for rice bran oil equipment. 

The inputting capability from 30TPD–1000TPD .

Production description:

The whole production line consists of a few workshops:
rice bran pretreatment&growth workshop, rice bran extraction workshop,rice bran oil refining workshop

I. Pretreatment&Growth Workshop 

CZPT movement:

Crude rice bran  → cleaning  →   softening   →  expanding  →   drying →  to extraction workshop

Pretreatment and prepressing area is a really critical section just before extraction.It will directly influence extraction impact.

CZPT functions:

one.Create great creation enviroment

two.Lessen the total unwanted fat decline,increase oil generate and output and boost the quality of oil and cake&food.

three.Comprehensively use impurities and offal.

4.Properly match extraction manufacturing line,layout different creation processes according to various resources


II. Oil Extraction Workshop 

  Major equipment: rotary multi cell extractor with stainless steel gate or drag chain extractor, D.T.D.C desolventizer-toaster, whole unfavorable pressure evaporator, paraffin recovery products

CZPT movement: 

solvent                                                                       steam   

      ↓                                                                                 ↓       

extraction   → mixed oil   → evaporation→ steam-stripping  → crude rice bran oil

Extractor varieties:

Degree rotation extractor, loop sort extractor, chain extractor

Extraction methods:

Use natural solvent via soaking or spraying speak to methods to extract oil from oilseeds.


Advantages of extraction craft:

1.Large oil yield, low residual oil in meal2.Minimal labor intensity3.Excellent operating environment4.Good food top quality.

Damaging pressure evaporation aids to boost crude oil good quality.


CZPT functions: 

one. Adopting unfavorable force evaporation can make sure outstanding oil good quality

two. Extraction method is hugely adaptable, and can adapt to diverse uncooked material

three. All equipments are presented with exhaust gas absorption systems with superb absorption effect

four. Entire vitality-saving style utilizes heat strength for many instances and saves steam use

III. Oil Refining Workshop 

CZPT movement:

crude rice bran oil → degumming&dephosphorization → deacidification  → drying → decolorization → deodorization → defatting → dewaxing → concluded oil.

Refining strategies:

oil refining is in accordance to the different use and needs, utilizing the actual physical techniques and chemical processes to get rid of the hazardous impurities and needless material in the crude oil, getting normal oil.

Positive aspects of refining craft:

one. Soon after refining the impurity of oil need to be less than .two%

2.Recycling program help save energy and cash

three.Reduce oil waste.


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ZheJiang Huatai Cereals and Oils CZPT Co.,Ltd.
 is a company specialized in grain and oil machinery plant manufacture.
 we have in excess of sixty many years expertise in this line. now we have 50 engineers and 30 person’s R&D staff, we also cooperate with college and entice professors as our counselor. All these above is the guaranty of our machine’s high quality. We have thirty experienced set up engineers, they will be appointed to your nation to installation and coaching your workers to run the equipment. Our income team will do our ideal to give you ideas and connect with engineers to offer you the higher quality device , best service and following sales services .  

Our main solution :
(1) Cooking oil manufacturing line. The feedstock can be palm fruit, palm kernel, rice bran, corn germ /maize germ, sunflower seed, rapeseed, soybean seed, cotton seed, sesame and other oilseeds 
(two) Grain mill generation line. We can provide you diverse capacity from five-1000tons wheat flour mill equipment , corn mill equipment and other flour mill machine, it can be entire production line or just 1 one machine .
(three) Biodiesel device. Oilseeds make biodiesel equipment, utilised cooking oil /used vegetable oil make biodiesel device, waste plastic/tyres pyrolysis to diesel device . 
Our items sells well in global industry, 
and are exported to Russia,Malaysia,Kazakhstan,Thailand, Indonesia,Egypt, Philippines Russia,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.via, Peru, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, the Philippines, MCZPT, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Rwanda,Tanzania and other international locations & regions,and now we have developed into a major oil equipment producing foundation in China.

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100t D High Quality Rice Bran Oil Production Line Oil Press Machine