0.1 Ton~50 Ton Pneumatic Air Chain Hoist with Hook Lfit Height 6m

0.1 Ton~50 Ton Pneumatic Air Chain Hoist with Hook Lfit Height 6m

Pneumatic Air Chain CZPT & trolley & Pneumatic Winch


Coal business, the foundry industry ,Chemical Sector ,Pharmaceutical Industry 

Nuclear electrical power business ,metallurgical business,  appliance business paint shop 

,Automotive , machining,Textile Market , Armed forces Production


Ideal for sophisticated and hazardous setting. 

Suitable for tiny function room. 

Fewer elements, a tiny amount of upkeep, extended employing life 

Light-weight excess weight, effortless to function.

The introduction of pneumatic winch.

Adopting pneumatic motor as power, Pneumatic winch product QDJC series can tow and lift heavy merchandise via speed-lowering gearbox to travel roll.
It has the rewards of compact composition, practical operation, security and reliable functioning, simple upkeep, smoothly working and stepless speed-shifting and so forth. It is suitably utilized in oil discipline, properly-drilling in oil area, mine-exploiting and other spot with inflammable or simple exploding air.
It applies to areas beneath one thousand metres over sea stage and the temperature of the setting among-forty-60ºC.

Air balancers Description
Air balancers offer ergonomic lift help that interacts with the operator, producing heavy objects straightforward to shift. Precise, stain-cost-free positioning leaves both of the operators’ hands free to raise, decrease, or shift hundreds with nearly no resistance. This flexibility of operation and easy handle tends to make tasks like lifting and relocating heavy hundreds in manufacturing, warehousing and other operations safer, easier and more rapidly.
one Elastic float
2 Basic procedure
three Reduced intake
four Cleansing-up and professional-environment
five Substantial performance
6 Overload protection
seven Defense against slicing off the air
eight Sturdy in use 


0.1 Ton~50 Ton Pneumatic Air Chain Hoist with Hook Lfit Height 6m